A. Performance appraisal and Performance Development:

  • we try to assess whether the quality of performance is at per the planned schedule
  • we try to gauge the intensity of the deviation (if any) from the planned schedule
  • we try to detect the disruptive factors which have led to the deviation from the planned schedule
  • we try to analyze the backdrop which has played a crucial role in generating the crucial factors
  • we engineer the appropriate interventions not only for mitigating the disruptive factors that have triggered quantitative or qualitative exacerbation but also for initiating productive/ salutary changes in the existing organizational backdrop breeding the vicious/ insidious factors

B. Organizational Development and Change Management:Breaking the barriers of resistance; promoting change

There are certain difficult situations where simple motivational sessions fail to achieve expected result. In such cases it becomes imperative to engineer programs with greater complexity and sophistication.

The significance of the change management program is beyond comparison . We exist in a fiercely dynamic world. Sporadic changes are continually taking place or getting engineered in our social, political, economic and cultural ambience/ milieu. To acclimatize with such dicey situation an organization with its entire human resource need to undergo appropriate changes within their psychic constitution and technical acumen. However many members of the organization prefers status quo. They are comfortable with their existing set-up with which they are well attuned. Such change resistant people are skeptic whether they will be able to imbibe and deploy new technology even after imbibing new technology. Under such circumstances, keeping in mind the desired change to be our ultimate objective we execute concerted, various interventions like FORCE FIELD ANALYSIS TECHNIQUE. Through this technique we enable the target audience to overcome their intrinsic resistance and to participate spontaneously in the change process. The different steps in our technique of facilitating and fostering change are as follows: -
  • To define the ultimate objective
  • To enumerate as many possible number of restraining forces that are encumbering the change process and hindering the process of movement towards the goal
  • To explore into the minds of the trainees and to extract /elicit the number of driving forces that have the potency of propelling the trainees towards the ultimate goal of accepting change
  • To quantify the intensity and strength of each restraining force (encumbering the change) and each driving force (having the potency of fostering change), in a five point scale, where five indicates the strongest intensity and one indicates weakest intensity
  • To weaken the impeding forces gradually through tenable discussion, vivid interaction and clarification
  • To reinforce the driving forces more and more by explication, elucidation, logical interpretation, tangible demonstration etc

C. Organizational Development and Change Management:Breaking the barriers of resistance; promoting change

After many years of experience in an organization many people lose the urge for getting acquainted with newer technologies and imbibing updated information. We analyze the job-content & job-context of the concerned person, communicate with him and try to trace out the factors that de-escalating their occupational spirit.