Our training programs are meant for building up the capacity of the organizational functionaries on a sustainable basis. The two fundamental training programs conducted by us are

  • Leadership Development & Group Management
  • Training of Trainers

The cardinal components of our training program on Leadership Development are as follows: -

  • Concept of Leadership Development and Group Management
  • Methodology of Group-Development
  • Importance of Group-work approach
  • Distinction between the different types of leadership
  • Pros and Cons of the different types of leadership
  • Responsibilities of a Group Leader
  • Importance of Collective Decision Making
  • Techniques of Conflict-Resolution
  • Mechanism of Control

The fundamental components of our training program on Training of Trainers are as follows: -

  • Ascertainment of Training-need
  • Pre-training status assessment
  • Designing a need-based training schedule
  • Development of training materials
  • Methodologies of conducting training
  • Post-training status assessment
  • Comparative appraisal between pre-training and post-training status